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What is Pneuma


We are a spiritual family.  While some may call us a church or network, this looks like many different things because we encourage and empower individuals to practice spiritual rhythms, reach out to the community, and develop deeper relationships.  While some of us are committed to the mission of Jesus, we also welcome non-believers and other spiritual people among us.


  1. God has called us to be: Followers of Jesus without number within our lifetimes.

  2. Jesus is at the center

  3. God’s kingdom is people, not numbers.

  4. We share our hope freely, and we know that this is lifelong journey together.

  5. Matthew 28:16-20, Revelation 7:9-12, Ephesians 4:11-16

Tindell Family Pneuma DC Church

pneuma's beginning

God called Amy and Brian to the DC area in 2017.  They helped to plant Encounter Church in Washington DC, and were then launched on this discipleship journey that we call Pneuma in 2019.  Since then, they’ve been learning how to have spiritual conversations like Jesus, learning how to empower others, and most of all how to empower others with the hope and joy that Jesus has given them.  

Pneuma has grown from a simple Bible study to an international group of leaders on the same mission.  God has been creatively working in new ways through our leaders.  Check out our Blog page to meet our leaders and Next Steps page to see some of their activities that you can join.





God moves deeper with you, giving us joy to move deeper with others; we are loved and love others right where they are.



Spiritual and social, naturally coming from relationship.



Called by God to new relationships and new rhythms resulting in new groups and new churches.


Amy Tindell

Amy has loved the Lord her entire life, but years of infertility, family difficulties and eventually going through recovery transformed that love into a relationship of active trust and peace amidst anxiety and depression. Amy will never get over the resurrecting, renewing and restoring power of God as it manifested in herself, her marriage and in so many she has shared her life with.

Amy opened her private counseling practice in 2019 and loves observing the Lord heal the mind, body and spirit of her clients every day.

Pneuma Minister D.C.

Brian Tindell

Brian grew up in the church, but Jesus invaded his life in his thirties.  Ever since that day, God has been preparing him to lead Pneuma.  First in recovery, he then started and co-led a recovery ministry.  


Brian has a full time job as an engineer and loves his wonderful family.  He also enjoys gardening, sailing, and he is learning Spanish. He is passionate about equipping other people to live integrated lives deeper with God and others.

Thank you so much to our supporting churches and networks, we are so blessed to be on this journey together.  Pneuma is an Independent Christian Church, which comes from the Restoration Movement.  We are proud of our history because the movement has focused on what unites instead of what divides.  We are also proud of the strong history of continuing the mission of discipleship that Jesus started over 2,000 years ago.  We do not have a denomination that we report to, so we are excited to support and see the new things that God does, they will be unexpected and exciting!

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