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Discipleship: How to Tell Your Story

Jesus was a master story-teller. His stories don't usually leave us with easy answers, because he was a good listener. Let me explain.

To tell a good story, you have to listen first. What is good for the other person to hear? What do they need to hear? And, have you listened to the Holy Spirit so that you are in synch with God? Only after you know your audience and know how your Father is working are you ready to tell a truly good story.

There are also testimonies. The best stories that people told about Jesus were simple. The stories give a short before: "I was blind." Then the change: "I met Jesus." And they end with their new life, "And now I see." Most stories are short and simple, and they all point to Jesus. The shorter testimonies invite further questions from those who are spiritually curious. I would encourage you to tell stories that are short and on-topic.

Take a look at Susan's story that we just posted for a good example of a testimony:

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