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Is Going to Church Necessary for Salvation? Ask Better Questions

For salvation, for spiritual health, because the Bible told me so - why do people go to church?And should you go? A good question, and we aren’t going to give the answer because Jesus has a better one.

Jesus tells the story of a church-goer, and another who is an outcast. People know that the church-goer has it all together. In fact, people were impressed with him and his generosity and religion. In contrast, there was the man hated by the community, who wouldn’t even go inside the church. The church-goer stood and made an impressive prayer while the outcast begged God for mercy at a distance. Jesus says that the outcast went home right with God, not the church-goer.

Jesus is telling us that there is a better question than going to church. Are you humble before your God? Or, are you impressive to the people around you?

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