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Why Didn't God Answer My Prayer?

When we pray and God doesn’t give us what we ask for, it can feel frustrating. For this video, we start with the question “Why didn’t God answer my prayer?” We want to ask better questions, so let’s move deeper together.

As a father, I can’t always give my kids what they ask for. Almost every day, they ask for something bad for them (like extra sweets or staying up late), and it’s my job to say no. Sometimes, they ask for good things and it isn’t the right time yet. Those are harder, because I want to give them what they ask for, and it’s hard to explain why we have to wait to play together or go to the store.

One thing that I’ve learned lately is that no matter the answer to my kids’ requests, what they really want is for us as parents to be connected with them. If the answer is “no,” my children will be OK if we are physically near them.

So, what if God is our Father? Do we see God near us when we pray? Can we accept God’s presence as the answer to our prayer?

Like all of our videos, I hope that they are a start to a conversation. Please reach out, we would love to continue the conversation, and work it out with you.

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