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You Should Multiply: Discipleship Like Jesus

Followers of Jesus, also known as disciples, multiply. You have fruit, you have seeds, and they leave the fruit to grow a new fruit-bearing plant. This video introduces us to the mission of Jesus.

Jesus says that the fields are ripe for harvest. He is implying that there are quite a few people ready for the kingdom of heaven, ready for the harvest. I haven't seen people flocking to churches near me, but when I have focused on discipleship and finding spiritual seekers, I have found those ready to meet Jesus.

For me to multiply, I start with myself, and end up teaching others how to do the same mission and releasing them. How do those people go from curious about Jesus to multiplying? I have to teach and spend time with them, and it is a slow process. But it is the only way to accomplish the great commission. Consider the parallel with money. If I put my money in an account that invests the money, or multiplies my money, then I can end up with a balance triple or even ten times what I put into it after a long period of time. That's an investment. If I put the same money into a no-interest account, I only get out of it what I put into it. That's addition.

Jesus asked us to multiply. That's because people are worth the investment.

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